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We have a range of application procedures covering various aspects of surge protection installation and beneficial information for the installation engineer. We call these ZAP's (Zymax Application Procedures). A list of some of the available ZAPs is given below. Please contact the factory for more information. Links are provided for those which are available on-line. For those without a link please contact the factory or one of our distributors.

Enquire to obtain a copy of these documents.

Title ZAP document
Earthing considerations ZAP01
PLC Multi Digital Signals ZAP11
Power Protection (PV Cells) ZAP12
Telecom and Mains ZAP21
IPU Integrated Mains Protection ZAP22
pH and Chlorine Monitor Protection ZAP24
3 Wire RTD ZAP30
Load Cell Protection ZAP40
Pump Control Protection ZAP50
Safety Barrier Compatibility ZAP51
Consumer Unit Mounting ZAP53
Ultrasonic Level Measurement ZAP100
Protecting Underground Systems ZAP101
Magflow Protection ZAP102
ZM1000 3 Phase Protection ZAP105
Telecom Protection ZAP106
RS485 Protection ZAP111
Level Transducer Protection ZAP120
ZM's on Centre Tapped Supplies ZAP200


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