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Here is where you can E-mail our in-house surge doctor with your lightning and surge related problems. Click here to E-mail him and receive a reply within 5 working days. Any interesting problems and possible solutions will be posted to this page.

E-mail Surge Doctor


Previous surge doctor questions and responses. Please try to keep them sensible though.

Question The Doctor's Reply
How much energy can I store from a lightning bolt and how would I go about it? I would like to run my fridge freezer in my shed for FREE!!!! Even contemplating storing any energy from lightning is a very dangerous act. I'm afraid you will have to stick to running an extension to your shed and continue paying the electricity board for your electricity.
Who is the surge doctor, he looks very nice.. ...
I recently received a little shock during a storm here in Florida. Are there any hair products you would recommend to keep my hair flat? Wal mart do a good range of hair products for your condition, just check the label.


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